Halloween Carnival and Trunk-Or-Treat


Pie being thrown at faces, daring to slide your hand in a mysterious substance, competitive Kahoot adrenaline coursing through your veins, winning prizes, seeing people of all ages in costumes, free candy, and food? It sounds like the Halloween Carnival and Trunk-or-Treat that was held at the high school on October 29th. The Halloween Carnival was a seasonal spirited way to raise money for school clubs and connect the community together. Grantsville City not only sponsored a Trunk or Treat but also served free hotdogs and chips for the community. There were 19 clubs that held booths to earn money by having a fun activity or game. 

“We came to laugh, have fun, and truck or treat – I mean free candy, who says no to that? It was also fun to watch friends totally fail at the little kids’ games,” said Melody Dickson, a 9th grader. 

The Latinos In Action’s (LIA) “What’s in the Box?” booth for their future activities for their club. “The Carnival was awesome! My LIA students did a great job with that ‘What’s in the Box’ booth and were really amazing at helping the little ones have a good time,” says Megan England, Social Studies teacher, and LIA advisor. “Our club made over a hundred dollars to use for activities this year.” 

The band, orchestra and choir have more ambitious goals and are eager to earn money to achieve them. According to Kaia Grisenti, 9th grader, “. . . We were there to earn money for the Disneyland trip in March with the orchestra, band, and choir. I really liked how the Carnival brought people together that we might not see as much.” Grisenti helped run the Orchestra booth with their Kahoot competition and expressed how much they liked the Haunted House and the fun atmosphere.  

The fun didn’t stop there. After the Carnival, the Art club hosted the Halloween Dance. There was music, dancing, and games such as “Donuts on a String”.  Students got to show of their costumes, whether they were homemade, store-bought, or added their own creative touch to their costumes. Some didn’t get dressed up but were still welcomed in on the fun.

Ever since Covid, times have been unfamiliar with what the community is used to and more difficult. “We earned over $4,000 for the school’s clubs,” said Chism Nash, Language Arts teacher and Student Body Office (SBO) adviser “I think it’s been a hard few years lately, and this kind of event is what we needed as a community to come back together and really blow off some steam and have some fun.” 

Hopefully, the Halloween Carnival and Trunk-or-Treat will continue to be a successful and fun-spirited tradition to help give the opportunity for clubs and extracurricular activities to keep having engaging activities for years to come.