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The Most Varied Team in High School Sports

Rhylee Clark
Evan Craner running at a cross country meet

Football players, basketball players, wrestling players, and of course cross country and indoor track players: all these athletes are part of one of the biggest high school sport teams at Grantsville high school.

As every year the Grantsville track team is very numerous, in fact athletes from every sport participate to keep in shape for their next season.

There’s only two rules: attend at least 75% of the practices, and, most importantly, have fun.

The team trains every day at 3 in the high school running track, and everybody is welcome to go and try out this very healthy sport.

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The season is already halfway through and the track team couldn’t be looking better, with better results every new meet.

Tuesday, 9th of April, was a really long day for the team, as they participated in an Invitational meet at Tooele High School, as preparation for the upcoming regional meets.

18 total events, going from the 100 meters dash to the javelin throw.

A lot of new records were set, and the athletes from Grantsville high school collected the great result of 22 spots on the podium between all the events.

3 of them were on the highest step, with a gold medal won on the 200m boys dash, on the 400m girls dash, and on the mile run; at the same time the Cowboys stood 10 times on the second highest step, and 9 times on the third step.

Cliff Richardson, junior part of the track team, said, “The track meet was amazing; we didn’t have everyone available because of many injuries but we collected many personal record and we are all looking forward to the meets in the near future.”

The whole team is now already practicing for the next meet, valid for region, that will be on the 10th of April, at Ogden high school.

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