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Best actor at GHS

Ella Thomsen
Coulter Thomsen starring in phantom of the opera play at the old Grantsville church,August 21,2023

There are many actors at Grantsville High School but there was one who stood out from everyone else. Meet Coulter Thomsen, a student actor whose passion for the craft burns brightly within him. As the curtain rises so does the curtain on his journey, weaving tales that blur the lines between reality and fiction, leaving an incredible mark on all who witness his performances. But behind the scenes lies a tale of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of artistic excellence that shapes Coulter ´ s path as a performer and as a student.


For many students theatre is just a hobby but for other students its more than that. It ´ s calling a sanctuary where the words become poetry, where emotions find expression, and identities are discovered. But behind every actor ´ s decision to step on stage lies a unique story waiting to be told, so why did you join theatre?


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“I joined theater in the summer of 2016,” said Coulter Thomsen, senior and actor. ¨It was a children ´ s production of Jack and The Beanstalk at the old Grantsville church, ever since then I´ve been hooked!¨ said Coulter Thomsen, senior and actor. ¨I joined theatre originally because my dad told me to, but I kept doing it until high school and currently because there was something about performing that I really liked, it was cool getting to live and be there different characters!¨ said Coulter Thomsen, senior and actor. ¨It´s like the movies! But mostly I love the people I ´ m surrounded with and it´s fun to show an audience this art,¨ saidCoulter Thomsen, senior and actor.


As graduation gets closer and closer there ´ s still one question in everyone ´ s mind. What now? For some people they don ´ t move on with theatre after high school but for others like Coulter, their heart is set on continuing to do theatre after high school so that he can grow even more as an actor but would he go professional? Do you plan on becoming a professional actor after you graduate high school?


 “I plan on being an almost professional actor, I most likely will stay in the state or near by and do local regional theaters that include pay,¨said Coulter Thomsen, senior and actor.


For many actors, the prospect of gracing these smaller, yet equally impactful stages, ignites a spark of excitement and possibility. Off-Broadway has many opportunities for actors like, explore edgier roles, collaborate with emerging playwrites, or to simply immerse oneself in the vibrant theatre scene.  So would you want to be an actor in any Off Broadway Theatre plays?


“I would love to be in an off Broadway show! And if I ever get the chance I might take it! But my big overall plan is to be a regular actor at the Hale Centre Theatre,” Said Coulter Thomsen, Senior, Actor.


For Coulter, the journey of being an actor is having discovery, growth, and a boundless passion. Through the highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks, he emerges not only as a skilled performer but as a story teller who breathes life into characters and touches the hearts of audiences.

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Lindsey Langford
Loving Grantsville As she tosses her bag into the back of the car and watch her parents  slowly start to drive away, she cant help smiling back at her town.  Born and raised in Grantsville, Lindsey Langford loves her hometown. Her dad talks about growing up here,  and now she and her brother are considered locals too.  But she's proud of being called a local.  Because it means she lives where the mountains are ‘just right there.’  And where the best sunsets blend into the sky each night.  Then she sits on her porch and gets to look at the whole valley below her. Where she can only describe the view as breathtaking. The drive up to Yellowstone isn't bad,  and she loves visiting it each year with her family. But she already knows she doesn’t want to leave Grantsville for the rest of her life. There's already been so much joy and even heartbreak for her to ever want to leave. In the summer she lost her dog who she had known since she was four.  That morning she remembers telling her dog Missy  “see you in a little bit,” without even knowing it would be goodbye. But that doesn't stop her from still enjoying life here.  Because despite the loss of her dog,  there's still so much that gives her reason to love this town. More than all the memories or even the view, It’s the people. The people who are so kind and real. She loves to be with friends, whether it's casting a rod into a lake,  or being lifted and spun around well swing dancing.  Her family’s only going to be gone for half a week  for their yearly trip to Yellowstone. But then they’ll come back home to Grantsville. Back to the home she loves.     
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