Unified Soccer Takes Third in Finals


The unified soccer season has just ended with the team placing third in its finals on Tuesday, October 4th at the RSL soccer stadium. Sixteen teams took part in the tournament. Now, the players and advisers are looking forward to the next season of unified sports which will be kicked off by unified basketball and followed by unified track.


“This sport brings everybody together; I like it because we get to make new friends, you can support different people and teams and you can do a whole bunch of things together and not feel like an outsider,” said Rickee Clark, senior. “I like it because it’s just so fun and great.”


Unified soccer and other unified sports are sponsored by Special Olympics which is an international organization. These sports combine members with many different backgrounds, some with and without disabilities.


“It has shown us how to be responsible and have more courage and show people how our disability works and what we are capable of doing,” said Jerry Johnson, senior.


Unified sports create an opportunity for students to build camaraderie and friendship with their peers while also promoting equality and inclusion to students who may otherwise lack the opportunity to be involved in other sports.


“It’s been fun getting to know everyone and making new friends and it feels like we’re not just there to be competitive, it’s just there to build team effort,” said Macie Chuckwuba, senior.


The unified sports are advised by Taylor Schofield, Kathleen Warner, and Lanae Moulton. There are four captains being: Kadence Byrd, Maggie Bird, Brayden Yardley, and Isaac Riches.


“Unified soccer gives the quote: “TEAM; Together Everyone Achieves More”, new meaning. To watch players with disabilities play alongside players of non-disability is fun and rewarding,” said Moulton. “All students make new friendships and learn more from each other than they ever thought they could. Having a UNIFIED school is full of rewards.”