American Burger Review


Many customers have really enjoyed the new American Burger here’s what some people have said about it.

One lady said that American Burger had the nicest people there. She also said that the milkshakes were awesome and definitely enjoyed the food.

Another customer said that it was one of their favorite burger joints. They loved the way they made these burgers, and the Greek food was also very delicious, even though it sometimes takes a long time to get their order in the drive-through. If it has to do with them making the food fresh there, they are totally okay with that.

A different customer said that they haven’t had food that good in a long time and it was totally worth the drive. Another person also commented that their fries have drastically improved since they moved buildings.

According to a few of the customers they had complained about there being flies and how the food would be unsanitary. They also watched one of the managers yell at their employees for not making a shake correctly and how they saw the tears in the employees’ eyes.

Another person also complained about how he had gotten Fish and Chips and then went home to go eat them. But the fish was still frozen and water was dripping out of the fish. He did end up returning the order to have it replaced and the new one was burnt and was very tough and chewy.

“I like the new American Burger better than the old one cause it has a better interior and is decorated,” said freshman, Ty Johnson “I love the new fries better than the old ones because they have more flavor and aren’t as plain.”

In 1998, the idea of American Burgers weighed heavily on Geovjian’s (the owner of all three locations)  mind and in 2000, the first location in Tooele was opened. Because of the restaurant’s success in Tooele, Geovjian opened a second location in Grantsville on Handy Corner in 2010. Another location was opened in Herriman in 2018.

“They cook really nice food and it doesn’t look sloppy,” said MacKay Andreason, senior.

“They’re always hot and crispy and super salty and just taste like they’re straight from heaven,” said Mekenna Jensen, freshman.

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