Dance Co. Pirouettes Into the Spotlight


Music starts; commencing the performance. With precise movement, exquisite form, and proper timing, dancers coalesce to form the greater meaning of the dance.


“My favorite thing about Dance Co. is being able to work together as a team to come up with a piece that we are proud of and have worked hard to produce,” said Hadilee Iverson, senior.


After training during the summer, the Dance Company commenced the school year with their first performance at the Homecoming assembly followed by numerous dances in the Dance Department Halloween Concert. Now, the dancers look ahead to their winter and spring concerts and the peak of their performance season; attending the UDEO high school dance festival at Utah Tech.


“My favorite dance this year is probably Jason for our Halloween concert because we got to show that we could work as a team in unison with each other,”  said Dakota Bechtol, junior.


Dance Company is coached by Alexis Leonelli and Kallie Walker-Barney. The team is also led by their student artistic directors: Hadilee Iverson and Ashlyn Edwards, followed by their choreographers: Bentleigh Allen, Preslee Anderson, Kate Barker, and their secretary: Jessie Albright.


“Things I like about Dance Co. is that it’s a really good group of girls that you can go and enjoy yourself with, you make new friends and you dance different styles of dance to express yourself,” said Kate Barker, junior.


Being a member of Dance Company requires lots of dedication and skill as dancers study and perform contemporary, jazz, modern, and hip-hop dance styles, each with their own technique and proper rhythms needed to find perfection in their performances.


“My favorite dance this year is Ribs because we’re able to express ourselves through movement that we’ve never done before; it’s really modern, and it’s cool to learn a different genre,”  said Iverson.


The Dance Company attends the Utah Dance Education Organization High School Dance Festival at Utah Tech every March where they adjudicate two student choreographic works and receive feedback from University professors and professional dancers. The dance company has received excellent and superior ratings for choreography and performance 


“My goal for UDEO is to show the judges that our little 3A school is serious about dance,” said Bentleigh Allen, junior.


The Dance Company’s concerts feature student and professional works. The dancers perfect several unique routines to perform at their concerts over the course of the school year. Currently, members of the Dance Company are rehearsing for their Winter Dance Concert on December 5th, by special invitation: Solo Gala in February, UDEO, and their Spring concert on April 12th.


Members of the Dance Company also include: Louhndyn Allen, Liddia Brown, McKinly Collier, Nikki Dong, Sabrina Flanary, Taytum Mondragon, Aizlee Moore, Sadie Mouritsen, Sophia Nelson, and Sierra Nickell.