Black Friday Tips to Stretch Your Buck


While some people may focus on creating a memorable Thanksgiving feast, others have a keen eye for the many deals and commodities of Black Friday. Here are a few Black Friday tips to get the band for your buck.


Tip #1- Go on the Day of Black Friday: I have found that going on the day of Black Friday the minute the doors open is far better than going on Thanksgiving day. At Fashion Place Mall, there aren’t any crowds until around noon. My family and I have snatched some super great deals from Fashion Place Mall like Lululemon, Levi’s Nordstroms, Dillards, Pink, Sephora, etc.


Tip #2 -Cover More Ground: Whether you choose to shop online or in person, shop both ways. Some sales are only available in person and some are online even if it’s the same store. There may be more available options for products online in a style of shoes you like for example. Also, if a store is sold out of a product you can always order online to be shipped to your house and still get the sale. Just don’t forget your sizes for different brands.


Tip #3- BOGO Sales: BOGO sales are when a sale is to buy one get one free or discounted. For those who don’t know about the secret of BOGO sales, stores only add a discount on the cheapest item you have. The best way to take advantage of BOGO sales is by making two trips to check out. The technique is to “accidentally” leave the most expensive items in your cart with your friend or family member and purchase the cheaper items together. Then go back and purchase the more expensive items together because you “forgot” you left them with your friend or family member. Yes, you may have to pay for something pricey at full price, but it is far better than having a discount on something already affordable and being stuck paying two expensive items at full price. I learned this trick from my Mum at back-to-school shopping.


Hopefully, these tips help everyone save money and get the best opportunities for gift shopping or shopping for yourselves.