State Volleyball


“We were down 5-11 before we came back to win 17-15, but Brylee got a strong hit and went off the blocker’s forehead. That ball went so high and went into the stands above,” said Kelbey Fisher, head coach of the GHS girls volleyball team.


The volleyball team fought all season to qualify for state, and with enough wins, they made their way there. Next task: taking a title.


“You could tell that there were nerves, but we were more excited than nervous,” said Brylee Castagno, senior.


In a previous tournament, Grantsville barely lost to Manti, so when the opportunity to play them again presented itself at state, they were ready to play.


“We really wanted to win,” said Hailey Broderick, junior.


After a well fought game, Grantsville barely lost to Manti, but they weren’t ready to give up yet. Next challenge was beating Delta.


“Delta’s a team we’ve been trying to beat for a really long time, and we got destroyed by them pre-season, so we wanted some revenge,” said Brie Hammond, junior.


This game went back and forth. Win, lose, win, lose. They were officially on their last game. 5th set. Whoever took this game, won it all.


After a rough start, score being 5-11 for Delta, they battled their way back to 16-15. Game point- Grantsville.


“I hit the girl in the head, and we won the game in the 5th set,” said Castagno.


After they had beat Delta, they took 2 easy wins over Carbon and Canyon View solidifying their 6th place, the highest title since being in 3A.


But through the excitement of it all, the last win was bittersweet.


“The seniors were kinda the glue of the team, they kept everyone sane,” said Hammond.


They had officially completed their final game of their high school career.


“The seniors chose the theme this year, ‘With Each Other, For Each Other,’ and that’s how they played every game,” said Fisher.