Marvel’s Wakanda Forever Movie Review: Spoilers Ahead

Marvels Wakanda Forever Movie Review: Spoilers Ahead

Marvel’s Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Black Panther, came to theatres on November 11th. The movie itself is starred by black characters and takes place in Wakanda, a fictional high-tech society located in Africa. They are some of the first, and most well-known, movies with black characters and heroes. But not only do you see the skin color, you see the culture. Rather than having it seem ‘modern’ or the Americanized version of ‘normal’, it goes all out with traditional clothing, hair, piercings, and beliefs. The amount of dedication put into this movie is truly amazing.


The story itself though starts off with T’Challa’s death and funeral. T’Challa, more commonly known as the Black Panther, died from an undisclosed disease. (His actor Chadwick Boseman died from colon cancer and Disney did not want a recast) Whether this was a good call on Disney’s part or not, is up to the audience.


As the movie progresses you learn more and more about his sister Shuri, a young genius. We’ve already met her before in Black Panther, (same actress) but in Wakanda Forever she’s the main character. Shuri adventures across the world to find “The Scientist” for Namor, a strange man who appeared out of the water with wings on his heels who told her and her mother that, unless they found the person who invented the machine used to drill vibranium, a material that was said to be found only in Wakanda, he and his army would attack and destroy Wakanda.


Worldwide, box office sales from this movie reached over 330 million dollars, bringing Disney back up to the top of the box office. Once It’s done with its theatrical run, it will be available to stream on Disney+.