Turning the Spotlight Around- The Light and Sound Crew


Behind every concert, performance, and assembly there is a team tasked to organize and control the light and sound of the auditorium, this is the light and sound crew.


“I like helping these fellas out because it’s admiring how much work they put into working all the shows they’re asked to do. I also like helping because they’re fun to be around,” said Carissa Luna Trujillo, junior.


The light and sound crew are a pivotal part of any event being held in the auditorium. Imagine going to an assembly in the auditorium and the lights aren’t on or the Sociable without music to go along with the many different acts. It wouldn’t be the same as a well-lit stage where performers can showcase their talents with the addition of proper lighting and sound to accompany their production.


“It’s fun to help people make their vision for their performances work and look good,” said Aiden Hopper, sophomore.


Every event held in the auditorium is different, a dance concert requires different tasks when compared to an orchestra concert or an assembly. The events are never the exact same, leading the light and sound crew to collect a plan from whoever is in charge of that particular event. This plan helps them understand the different needs of the event they are working on so they can practice and ensure the event runs smoothly.


“It’s nice to watch the performances, and while they’re nice themselves, pulling together the lights and sound makes it really cool to see,” said Miaya Baker, sophomore.


The majority of work comes from the rehearsals of the event where the light and sound crew can practice getting the proper functions for the performance they are helping to create.


There is about a week and a half of training and learning how to work the many different aspects of the light and sound booth before being able to join the light and sound crew. Some students may find it easier to learn from hands-on experience. To become a member of the light and sound crew students must apply to be hired. The stagecraft class has served as a foundation for many of the current members of the crew.


The light and sound of the production are important to create the ambiance of the performance and convey the mood of the act on stage. Assemblies, performing art concerts, stage productions, The Sociable, special events, and presentations all rely on the abilities and special effect work of the light and sound crew.