Cosmetology Classes offer Hands-On Learning



The CLC has many different classes to take, cosmetology is one of the more popular options.  There are many different things students learn; such as styling hair, hair dying, hair extensions, lashes, and much more. Many student consider this a great gateway toward a future career.


“I’ve always wanted to do hair when I was a little kid, and it always has been a dream of mine,” said Taylor Fife, senior, so she decided to make it come true. She’s been taking courses at the CLC for two years.


How Taylor makes sure she knows what’s in style is by going to class, but if she were out of school she just got to know what’s in style, other states do require that you renew your license every 3 years or earlier, but Utah isn’t one of them. 


 “My favorite thing I’ve done is color hair, but I also really like to do extensions,” said Fife. 


To become a cosmetologist you must be at least 16 years of age and have a high school diploma or a GED, enroll in a state-licensed cosmetology school, complete all courses and training hours, and pass the state licensing exam.


“I like all the cool chemical things we do, like perms, bleaching doing colored hair, I also like that the teacher is super nice,” said Allysun Valdez. “I like that we have a lot of different things we learn like the biology of hair and all that jazz.”


You can finish the cosmetology program in a portion of the time it takes for other careers.