Should Students be Graded on Effort or Intelligence?

Should Students be Graded on Effort or Intelligence?

“I would say effort well now that I think about it probably both because some people are smart and don’t put a lot of effort and vise versa,” said junior, Hannah Higley

According to the Office of Academic Affairs at Benedict College, the grading scale for freshmen is 60 percent effort, and 40 percent knowledge.

“I think everyone should be graded on effort because everyone learns at a different pace and it will take others longer to learn something than it may someone else,” said Luke Whittle, junior.

A benefit to grading based on effort is there would be a decrease in cheating. In a national survey of 24,000 students, it was found that 64% admitted to cheating, according to If a student’s grade is solely based on the effort demonstrated, that student would be forced to do actual work for a grade.

“I think students should be graded in there effort cause in every class, there are people smarter than others. If kids got graded by effort it would be more fair,” said Aaron Bentley Senior


Grades are based on the ability to reward those who are particularly adept at a given set of tasks.