How to Take Advantage of CE Courses

Matthew Buchanan
Matthew Buchanan
Matthew Buchanan

For those who don’t know, Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes are able to give us college credit in high school before students even step foot on a college campus. This can save students thousands of dollars and get ahead in their education. However, with such a great opportunity offered, numerous details are missed as to how to take advantage of the classes. 

General education for college is something to consider before enrolling or scheduling classes. No matter what college or degree you want, every college student must complete general education classes. 

Generals are split into categories of Fundamentals, Distribution, and Diversity. Fundamentals are math, science, and language arts. Distribution requirements include social science, fine arts/humanities (philosophy, ethics, religious or historical). Some schools vary on how many credits are needed to complete generals or in different categories. 

The best way to get ahead in your general education in high school is to search “(college here) general education requirements”. Usually, the first link will take you to a catalog of the classes that qualify as general education. 

Perhaps the college you want to attend doesn’t offer CE classes. College credits are transferable in Utah from school to school but not out-of-state schools. 

Some classes are named differently from other schools. An excellent source to see if a CE class will help with your general education is Utah Transfer Guide. DISCLAIMER: Utah Transfer Guide isn’t always 100% updated or accurate! Still consult with your counselors. 

The instructions to check your credits once you’re on the website click get started, and scroll down to the bottom right panel “Search for Course and Exam Equivalences”. Fill in the boxes and click “Show advanced search options” enter the CE class’s name in the course prefix box and then the course number box and hit search. Once your results are available, go to the college website’s graduation requirements and find the class equivalent to the CE course.