Escape Club Goes On Skiing Trip To Powder Mountain Ski Resort


According to, Utah has 10 world-class ski resorts which attract adventurous and outdoor enthusiasts such as Oliver Hansen, the biology teacher, and the Escape Club advisor. On Saturday, March 4th, Hansen, Escape Club members, and students went to Powder Mountain ski resort. 

“I just love going outside and doing outdoor activities and there’s like a class or sport that allows students to experience that, so I wanted that to be an opportunity for kids,” said Hansen. 

The activity was inclusive to any students wanting to go outside of the Escape Club, which is why Anthony Scott, senior, participated in the activity and said the highlight “ Was accidentally going down a black diamond hill and did it successfully.”. 

“I would say that it was one of the best days in my life,” Said Lia Nielsen, sophomore, who enjoyed getting out, improve skiing, and bonding with friends. 

For Riley McBride, sophomore, this was a long waited wish come true. “I’ve been trying to convince my dad to take me for about 3 years, but it just never worked out. So when I saw that they were taking a school trip, it just made sense, especially because it would be a lot cheaper than normal and I could go with all the friends.”  McBride not only got to ski in the day, but got to go night skiing on fresh 9-inch powder after dinner.