Spring Sports!


Baylor Hall takes a swing against West Lake High

CRACK! Senior, Ben Daybell, slams the ball out of the park. He’s preparing for the upcoming baseball season. He’s spent hours throwing, hitting, and plowing snow off of the fields for the games. 


Spring sports are in full swing! Get it? Swing 😉


Avery Lee, junior said, “I’m excited for this season! We got a new coach! Being an upperclassman, I have to be an example now, but I feel more relaxed being an older one.”


With 5 different sports playing this spring: softball, baseball, tennis, track, and soccer, there’s always a game to watch! 


“Every girl should know how to play every position. It will help us to ensure that the best girl is always on the field that best fits that position,” said Ryley Youngberg, junior. 


As we enter this spring season, there is a bittersweet feeling. The feeling of excitement to watch these players on the fields and courts again, but knowing that at the end of it all, we will have to once again say goodbye to our seniors. 


“I have to be more of a leader this year. I have to step up and help the freshmen and the younger boys,” said Daybell.


“Senior season came way too fast,” said Matt Buchanan, senior. 


After yesterday’s match against Tooele, tennis already has a win under their belt. Baseball also took a win today, and competes against Westlake tomorrow. Soccer plays later this week. 


“I always wear my ninja headband for good luck. I’m going out with a bang this year,” said Alex Mecham, senior. 


As our winter sports come to an end with girls basketball taking second place, and boys basketball taking third place, our spring sports are anticipating to take state this year. 


“We’re a lot more focused. We felt the loss last year. We have seven starters returning and they’re the ones that felt it the most. They want it back. There’s a lot more intensity. I feel like we’re going to go far this year,” said Lee.