Basketball Season Comes to an End; Here Are The Stats

Basketball season ended on February 25th, in the SUU state tournament. Both girls and boys teams amassed a large following and received awards for their placements and athletic abilities.

The Grantsville high school basketball ended their 2023 run with a record of 19-7 winning at home 9/10 times on the road 4-4 and in neutral play 6-2. The boys team coached by Coach Nate Austin ranked 4th in 3a 39th in salt lake and 42Nd in all of Utah. This was a phenomenal season coming from such a small school. The boys team was also able to beating both their county rivals of Tooele and Sansbury even though they played both of them on the road.

As well as the team having a great Brigham Mulford had an amazing season and was awarded the Player of the Year for 3A boys basketball.

“I’m hoping I can go play basketball at a small school, but I’m not sure yet,” said Mulford, senior, when referring to his future plans.

The boy’s basketball team celebrated their senior night along with the cheerleaders after beating Ogden in a close game with a final score of 49-55.

“Senior Night was really fun. I like that we all got our recognition and was able to be a part of that and the parents included and it was a good part of the night,” said Mulford, Senior

After finishing the regular season the boys head down to SUU for the state tournament where they had a long hard-fought battle and ended up taking 3rd place in the tournament.

“I think we played great! We had guys hitting shots from everywhere and just performed great on the offensive end,” said Ethan Powell, junior.

With the seasons close fans will have to wait until next year to watch their favorite returning players on the court.