Arena Scheduling


Students are up in arms about a new scheduling system that has been implemented this year. Arena scheduling, as it is called, gives students more control over their schedules, but many students feel left in the lurch without proper guidance.


Valeria Grado-Gonzalez, junior, expressed frustration with having to choose their own classes, saying, “It stressed me out that I had to pick my own classes.” Many students also felt that they did not receive adequate help from counselors in selecting the right classes to meet graduation requirements.


Despite the students’ complaints, Evan Hermansen, a teacher at the high school, spoke in favor of the new system, saying, “I like how it prepares students to make their own choices, cause that’s how it’s going to be in college.” However, he also noted that the scheduling platform being used, Skyward, was not very user-friendly.


Emily Pederson, junior, said, “It would have been nice to hear counselor input,” when choosing classes. 


It remains to be seen how the high school administration will respond to these concerns. For now, it seems that the students are not thrilled with the new arena scheduling system, but some teachers and counselors see its potential benefits.


Even incoming freshman, Mason Hancock, found the arena scheduling system to be a bit daunting. “It was hard to figure it out! I don’t even know what classes they have at the high school, and now I have to pick them??” he exclaimed. Mason’s frustration highlights the fact that, for some students, the new system may be overwhelming and confusing. It’s important for counselors and teachers to provide adequate guidance and support to students as they navigate the arena scheduling system, especially for incoming freshmen who are new to the high school experience.


Counselor Hillary Flanery, on the other hand, saw the positives of the new system, stating that “this system gives students a lot of power!”


In the end, the school decided to stick with the new arena scheduling system, and while some students grumbled, they eventually learned to adapt to it. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll grow to love it as much as the counselors do!


“I know everyone hated it this year, but it allows us to do so much more; and a few years down the road, I’m sure students will love it!” said Flanery.