Girls’ Golf Won 2nd In 30 Mile Per Hour Winds At Delta Match

Girls Golf Won 2nd In 30 Mile Per Hour Winds At Delta Match


“The wind blew the whole time, it was crazy. Like 30-40 miles per hour the whole time,” said Rick Harrison, the girls and boys golf coach, “Really tough to play golf with that weather but the kids did a really good job.” 


 Despite the wild, painful, and interfering winds, the team placed second. Hailie Fraser, Mckenna Bohman, seniors, and Riley McBride, sophomore, made the top 10 individual scores. Fraser scored 99, Bohman scored 96, and McBride scored 99.  


“This last match was one of the hardest rounds of golf I have ever played. Knowing that I was still able to place top 10 is an accomplishment,” said Bohman. “I have never golfed in 30 mph winds before. To overcome it, I would club up if I was going into the wind and down if I was hitting with the wind. You have to recognize that once the ball is in the air, the wind takes over completely.”  


For others, not everyone is worried about their placement at the match. “I don’t care what I place, I care more about how my game was, like the swings I hit or the putts I’ve made,” says Fraser, “I like to think more about my technique if that was good then I had a good match no matter what my score was.”  


Morgan, South Summit, Ogden, and Ben Lomond compete at every golf match and tournament. The girls’ golf team is currently in the top 3 teams, in 2nd place in the Utah State 3A Region.