Theater is kicking off another play called Matilda 


“About six years ago my dad made me audition for a play and ever since then I’ve been hooked,” said junior, Coulter Tompson.


They practice at the school for a few hours. Some of the things they do include, running over lines, blocking, and choreographing.


“I love performing my entire life so it’s kinda just a thrill,” said senior Courtney Chambers. “You get to be someone who you would never ever be in your entire life.”


Towards the start of their rehearsals  they do reapers and they build up to more active stuff like blocking and choreography 


“They’re usually pretty chill, get things done and have a lot of fun together,” Rylee Dalton, senior.

Rylee Dalton also is playing the teacher Ms. Honey.

“My favorite part about performing is probably giving back to the audience who takes time out of their day, usually spends a little bit of money to come and see you,” said Khalea Burton, senior.

 “It’s my favorite part to be able to give them something they love.”