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What is going on in the Middle East?

Should Americans be worried about what’s happening in the Middle East?
What is going on in the Middle East?

n October the 7th, 2023, a terroristic group called “Hamas” attacked Israel with the third-deadliest terrorist attack since the first data was taken, in 1970.

However, not how many people think, the conflict between Palestinians and Israel is not really recent; it all started in 1948, when more than 200.000 Palestinians were kicked out of their nation to make some space to Israelites, that had just been freed from the horrors of the World War II.

Between the two populations, there have been more than 14 “mini-wars”, but the one that is going on right now in the Middle East is considered the most brutal one, because either Palestinians and Israelites are committing a genocide, not caring about the civilians life and even bombing civil neighborhoods and hospitals.

Since October the 8th, the day that Israel announced a state of alert and later declared itself in a state of war, more than 2400 Israelites have been killed, and more than 500 Palestinians have been killed, with a total of around 3000 without considering thousands of injured and missing people.

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The whole World is starting procedures to prevent starting a World War; the United States, toghether with the United Nations, are afflicting sanctions to both the populations, and they think that in this way the conflict, that already takes away a big percentage of the country’s foundings, will be shorter.

In these days a lot of meetings between political leaders from all around the globe are becoming more and more important, as they are close to find a temporary solutions to save thousands of civilian lifes and to prevent useless attacks.

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