Hope Squad Campaigns


Whether it’s hot chocolate for Christmas or posters in May, the Hope Squad wants to make their campaigns inviting to all students. Hope Squad is a club and international program, it is widely known for its dealing with suicide prevention, but what not everyone knows is that it’s also made to share positivity and kind acts with the school.


The Hope Squad has devised a plan to get themselves out there to the school and share their message, that plan: campaigns. Hope Squads monthly campaigns all have a theme and an activity.


These campaigns were experimented with last year. You may remember having cookies passed out for Earth day during lunch, seeing certain posters around the school, yellow balloons around the parking lot, and hot chocolate passed out after school ended. Those campaigns turned out well, but how many people were actually aware of them? That is the reason why Hope Squad wants to further promote their campaigns and get themselves more involved. “We create a campaign, it has a theme and then we do something positive around the school. Whether we’re giving out treats or putting up posters or various different things that the students come up with.” said Mrs. Leonelli, Hope Squads advisor.


“Hope Squad helps us to put things out there for everyone so they know how fun high school is and so they have someone they can try and talk to, and so they can make more friends,” said Macie Chuckwuba, senior and Hope Squad president. Chuckwuba even shared how being involved with the campaigns has helped her grow. “I feel like for me, being in Hope Squad, I came out of my shell from talking to others and just doing all these activities and stuff that made it easier to do.”


Hope Squad wants to make their campaigns fun and inviting. “My goal is to help bring our school together and make everyone feel like they have a friend and that they’re important.” said Hadilee Iverson, senior.


The campaigns help the squad promote positivity and encourage students to get involved with the school. “They’re engaging and I think they’re just fun things we do so it makes them want to get involved.” said Sierra Nickell, junior, when referring to the campaigns.


Look for a video coming to the GHS Facebook page introducing some of the Hope Squad members. The members of the squad want everyone to get familiar with them so they know who they can talk to if they ever need help. “Making us known and everything, it will hopefully encourage people to come talk to us. Maybe it will help us to all be a bit nicer.” said Gracey Piltcher, junior, and Hope Squad Vice President.


The Hope Squad has a goal to help others feel important and welcome at their school. To learn more about the campaigns Hope Squad is setting up this year, please refer to the attached calendar.