Girls Soccer Season Ends in State Playoffs


The goal of any competitive team is to make the postseason and have an opportunity to hold up the trophy at the end.


The girls soccer team has completed their regular season and is looking forward to a playoff run.


The 3A girls soccer championships begin October 8th with the first round being played at the home site of the higher seed.


“We need to get as far as we can,” said Sonya Scriven, senior. “I’m just looking forward to winning that game.”


The girls soccer team currently has a 6-8 record, 2-5 home, and 4-3 away with a 43% winrate. Their highest win streak this season is two, with 43 points for and 66 points against.


“When I scored my first goal for varsity, that was really fun. A lot of people got their first goal and it’s a super pumped up game,” said Makayla Stettler, senior. “I want to go out with a bang and have a good rest of the season. I really want to have a memorable ending.”


The team leader in goals for the regular season was senior Kenzie Allen with 19. Followed by sophomore Baylee Lowder with 6, and senior DJ Casteneda with 4.


Team leader in assists was Casteneda with 7. Followed by Lowder with 6, followed by Scriven and Kaycee Jenkins, senior with 3 each.


Tending the net for Grantsville is Breanne Egget, senior, who recorded one shut out on the season.


“My goal is to have fun, and connect with the other girls. They are literally my sisters and I love them all so much,” said Eggett. “…and also to improve constantly. Everyday, just get a little bit better. I’ve only been playing soccer for 3 years and it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come from when I started on day one until now.”


The team’s Head Coach is Travis Lowry and Assistant Coach is Tyler Lowry, who are brothers. The Captains of the team are Allen, Jenkins, and Scriven. They currently have a whopping eleven senior players.


“My goal for the end of the season is for our team to work hard and give everything we have, while also still having fun,” said Emily Adams, junior.


With the playoffs ahead, the girls soccer team is hoping to strike gold.