Beginning High School: A Freshmen Perspective


“They’re coming from 8th grade where they are on top, and then they’re freshmen, back on the bottom,” said Cassie Mcqueen, counselor.


It’s only the beginning of the school year and freshmen haven’t been in school for long but their opinions are already starting to change our school.

 One freshman, Shyleigh Jensen, said she thinks there could be more lunch options available to students. Another freshman, Lily Cole, said she thinks the dress code could be more lenient.

Freshmen also gave some positive feedback about the school. One freshman, Taytum Mondragon, said she thinks everyone feels included here because there is somewhere for everyone. 

“I really like at the end of games when we sing the school song,” said Mondragon. 

Freshmen also had other feedback such as how they think most people, including teachers and students, are very nice and have made them feel welcome.

 ”The people are really nice. All the people I have classes with are pretty solid.” said Courtney Joseph.

Jensen said she has seen many types of, “mom jeans,” and she thinks they are cute. Courtney Joseph, another freshman, said she has seen many tennis skirts and thinks those are cute. These trends and others like them have become more popular among freshmen.