Ouija 2: Origin Of Evil Review

Ouija 2: Origin of Evil is a Horror/Thriller film about a family who unknowingly invites a spirit into their lives using a Ouija board. 


  The film starts out with the widowed mother of the family doing a “spirit summoning ritual”, that isn’t an actual ritual, but a scam. Later on the oldest daughter, Paulina sneaks out and plays with a Ouija board with her friends. Paulina then recommends to her mother that they should get a Ouija board to add to their spirit summoning scam.


 After the scene when Alice, the Mother, gets the ouija board the film starts to become worth watching, before that point in the movie it was boring.


After the mother, Alice, gets the Ouija board the youngest daughter, Doris finds it and uses it to try and summon her deceased father, Roger. Doris doesn’t summon her father though, instead she summons Marcus, a Polish man who was tortured in the basement of the family house.

It’s at this point the films start to pick up. The film should have had more scary or chilling moments earlier though. One hour into a horror movie is too long to wait for horror.


The remaining half hour of the film is about Marcus processing Doris. With the help of a priest Alice and Paulina try to get Marcus out of the house and out of Doris. The priest and Paulina’s boyfriend end up dying an unfortunate yet predictable death by Doris. Paulina decides to sew up Doris’ mouth the same way Marcus’ mouth was sewn when he was tortured. This was an attempt to get Marcus out of Doris. This process does not work and kills Doris.


When Alice finds Doris both her and Paulina are heartbroken. When they are mourning, Paulina gets possessed by Marcus and kills Alice.


The movie ends with Paulina in a psych ward talking to a doctor. The doctor asks Paulina where Doris’ body is, as it has not been found. After that Paulina goes to her room and makes a Ouija board out of blood and summons Doris’ body, who then runs on the ceiling towards the doctor. 

The ending is unexpected, which I like. Although it also feels unsatisfying because Paulina, who has already gone through so much doesn’t get her happy ending.