Ballroom’s first performance


 “Ballroom is like a home away from home,” said freshman, Jaycee Eggett.


Earlier this month ballroom had a concert where they showed everything they have been learning since the beginning of the year. This concert was a way for students to show choreography that they had created through the art of ballroom dancing.


“This first concert was a way for our class and our choreographers to create dances and to teach them to one another.” Said ballroom teacher, Alexis Leonelli, ”They get to create their own choreography and then produce it in a concert.”


The Ballroom teacher, Alexis Leonelli said that ballroom dance is a great way for students to come together and be able to socialize and have fun through dance. One freshman, Liddia Brown, said that she enjoys ballroom because it is fun to dance with other people and get to know them.

Freshman, Peter Jensen, said,”You go to do it for fun but you also go to show off”


Later this year ballroom dance will be performing with other schools in the district through a showcase. Ballroom will also have other concerts in the winter.