Chloe Clark

The dancer, the videogamer, the jewelry maker, coming from West Valley, it’s Chloe Clark! Clark describes herself as creative and social to an extent. She was born in the summer of June 25th.


     This girl loves to play video games. Her favorite video game would be Animal Crossing. She’s a pizza girl and likes every hue of green. Her favorite movie would have to be Big Hero Six; Clark said,  “I could watch that over and over”. Chloe owns two cats named Jasper and London; she also owns a pug named Phoebe. Chloe is a dancer and is currently working on a country dance. 


     Chloe is part of a dance studio at Shelly’s School of Dance in West Valley. She has earned two awards for dance and a few more awards for academics. 


     One thing Chloe is excited for, this school year, is beginning ceramics. Her counselors suggested Journalism because she loves writing. Her goal is to have fun in this class.