Art Club’s Halloween Dance; More Than Just Dancing


Art club members are contributing another festive activity to offer for Grantsville on Oct 29, 2022. The Halloween Dance will be held after the carnival and Trunk-r-Treat. The dance starts at 7:30-10 PM at the high school commons. Tickets are at a price of $8 for singles and $15 for couples.


“Halloween is quite the creative holiday,” said Sabrina Winward, Art club Vice President. “So obviously it would make sense for art club to do a Halloween dance. It’s very fitting. Plus we have a lot of ideas for decorations.”


The art club’s Halloween Dance isn’t going to be like normal dances. The club is planning on having games, snacks and candies, drinks, and more at the dance.


“. . . the theme is going to be kind of retro. So we’re going to play a lot of old-timey Halloween songs so to kind of be like a little nostalgic,” says Aurora Dunn, Art Club President.


Art club is very excited to host a dance after 3 years of failed attempts due to community hardship, COVID, and then being stuck between Winter Ball and Prom. “We just want to have a really great turnout,” said Ms. Kahlo, art teacher, and club advisor. “We don’t care if you’ve got a date if you want to come with a big group of friends and take advantage of the couple pricing.”


The money raised from the dance will go towards the club’s several activities for this school year. One of many activities they’re hoping to fund is a couple of gallery strolls to Salt Lake. Another is paint night with a professional art teacher who last year taught them how to paint sunflowers.


“It’s been years since we did a Halloween dance and years ago we used to do a masquerade ball and sell little half masks . . .¨  which the art club will be selling as props at the dance for students to take fun Instagram-worthy photos with a backdrop.


This is a chance for students to show off their costumes, dance to some classics with friends, play games, take memorable photos, and have snacks and drinks.