Best Book Series


It looks like book series, romance, and fantasy are the most wanted and liked. “Just recently we just got about three or four series by Brandon Sanderson and they seem to be pretty popular. They were actually donated to the library,” said, librayan, Shara Ault.

Brandon Sanderson has sold 20 million print, audio and ebooks. He has also been on the New York Times best-seller list late last month, debuting at number 1 and has been on it ever since.

The students here seem to really enjoy books that are in a series. McKenna Bowers, Junior, said, “I like the ranger’s apprentice books because I love the characters. I like that they are real and they show emotions other than being perfect and happy, they also make mistakes. Then I also like the friendships between all of the characters.”

The Ranger’s Apprentice is actually being made into a movie and will be directed by Paul Haggis. The first novel in the seriesThe Ruins of Gorlan, was released in Australia on November 1, 2004.

Ruthann Westover, Senior, said, “Umm…really depending on the day but probably Skyward. It’s really well written and it has a good storyline and character development.” The author of this series was also written by Brandon Sanderson.

“I like the Harry Potter series because of its just over all aspects as a series. Each book has a different sort of style and I just in general think it’s just an overall good series,” said junior, Tanner Fuller. All of the books in this series have been made into movies. The goblet of fire was almost split into two movies but the director was confident that he could fit it all into one movie. Then there have been over 500 million copies sold.