Offseason work from athletes and coaches

Hard work is what most athletes are driven on. But for Grantsville, high school athletes it’s more than just hard work its dedication and grit. Here are what some of the offseasons look like for different athletes in the program. From coaches to male players and even female players.

I interviewed four athletes involved in a basketball program at Grantsville high school and what it takes to get to where they want to go. The first thing they were asked is how many hours they spend a day training. Connor Sorensen a Senior at Grantsville High said that he spends around 2 and a half hours a day training while Bryson Roberts a Sophomore at Grantsville said he spends around 2 hours a day training.

When asked about what a day looks like for them food wise Renn White a sophomore on the Grantsville girl’s team said that she likes to load up on carbs and watch what she eats but Ethan Powell, a Junior at Grantsville, said that his diet isn’t super strict but if it is an unhealthy food choice he tries to stick to lower portions of food and always tries to get protein in before he workouts.

Now I also interviewed the Head coach of the boy’s team and asked him a few different questions. But my favorite responses to the question What is your favorite part of the off-season for you and why? He responded, “There are 3 things I really enjoy. First, I love thinking about the players we have coming back”. This shows how he is always looking for what he can improve on for the next season.