Fall break plans


After a long month with no days off, we finally have a break coming up. Fall break will give students the 14th and the 15th off from school. With there being such a diverse student population we asked students what they were planning for the break

 Keegan Smith-Kinsman said that he is going to vegas for fall break. “We are going to vegas for a family trip and going to the strip,” Keegan said.

 When asked about what he was most looking forward to he said “ The time away from school and getting to be with my family”. 

Renn White on the other hand has some different plans. She said that she is planning on just chilling. “I want to just make popcorn and watch scary movies” Renn White, Sophmore, said.

“I also want to go to lagoon hopefully,” Renn White said. 

Gaige Kimber, Junior, also has some things planned all ready for the break too.

“ drop a big buck on the rifle hunt hopefully,” Gaige Kimber said. He also has some other things planned.

“Basketball and some serious weight lifting going to get big in the weight room” Gaige stated. 

As the break approaches many more students will begin to put their plans together and put them into action. So before it gets here you better get yours together