FBLA Changes To DECA For 2022-23 School Year


Sometimes change is scary by leaving everything you know for something. Sometimes it’s what opens up new opportunities. For Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is taking on a positive approach to changing to DECA.

First of all, what do members of FBLA even do? If they do well on the test, they are able to compete in the marketing event at the upcoming conference against other schools. There, they are given time to review a given rubric to come up with a presentation to present to a panel of judges. “I joined FBLA because I wanted to learn more about business and have real experiences in the business field,” says Charles Martinson, Senior.

Some achievements that FBLA proudly accomplished was winning three state titles in two years through the Program of Works. “At state last year, I competed in a group for the sales presentation category and we got 8th place overall,” says Eric Jex, Junior. “I also took second place at Region as a freshman, and I want to say it was in the marketing category but I can’t remember for sure.”

Not only does FBLA compete with the rest of the state but they also serve our school. “My favorite thing about the organization is what we have done in our own community. We have done things like Toys for Tots and Grantsvillegear.com and run the concession stand at games,” Jex says. FBLA runs concession stands for other sports and clubs to be able to help fund their organizations. FBLA also created Grantsvillegear.com selling a variety of apparel from t-shirts to key chains for almost every club or sport.

Although they have achieved ambitious goals through FBLA’s competitions, for the 2022-23 school year they will be switching to DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) which connects with students in the classroom to help prepare for competitive events. But why the sudden transition? What’s the difference between FBLA and DECA? DECA is far more integrated with the classroom curriculum and will help prepare students for events. “At FBLA conferences, there were many times where I was asked questions that hadn’t been discussed in class,” says Jex “I also didn’t like the judging panel and I thought it was unfair.”

As the new club rises, so do the club member’s goals for this school year.  Mecham said, “To compete at the region and state level even though it’s our first year.” Mr. Mecham explains that DECA can help develop life and business skills that will be favorable for future success. For most of the members, it’s uncharted territory for them. “I have the goals to be able to compete this year and place in any event. I also have the goal to make new friends,” stated Martinson.

DECA will be a new and thrilling experience of navigating through uncharted waters waiting to be discovered and conquered. This business club isn’t just for striving future entrepreneurs, DECA offers valuable skills for anyone wanting to advance their life skills to succeed in life, help other organizations receive funding, and help scratch a competitive itch. Plus, it’s fun to dress up professionally, eat food, make new friends, serve your community and be the first to try something being freshly offered.