Working Behind The Scene


Robin Hood steps in through a realistic looking window, almost tripping over. Who could have made such an awesome prop? The stage crew! The stage crew are what makes a play, a play! They are typically who make most of the set (the stage) and props! They are the true backbone of theater!

Asking the stage manager what the most important part of the stage crew is, he responded with the set because it shows the scenes. It shows them who they are with the costumes, and lets them know what kind of person you are. They quoted the previous teacher, Ms. Wilhite, and said, “Costumes can help you identify the time era, they can help you identify the characters, the characteristics, they can help you identify social class, and things like that.”

The two stage managers, and the booth people work together to make the play work together. They have to work together, so if there is a problem, they can fix it. If a mic is broken, it would have to be replaced with a spare mic, or they would figure out a different way to use it. They need the people to project to be loud.

The new teacher Mrs. Hintz usually has to handle things based on a situation. If it’s something that is not as important, such as shopping, they will be warned. If it is something tech wise, she leaves it to the tech crew. The crew and Mrs. Hintz all worked together  to make the play.