Fall Fashion


“Style is  a way to say who you are without having to speak,” according to Rachel Zoe, a fashion designer. Fall has arrived and with it new outfits and styles. Many students here have unique and interesting ways of dressing this holiday season. 


In today’s day and age nothing is off the table when it comes to dressing. Lots of students use clothes to reflect their personality and choose styles that send a message about who they are.


First and foremost, where are students getting their clothes? Bryce Young, senior, said he got his clothes at “thrift stores.” Similarly, Alex Mecham, senior, said he shops at “the Tooele DI.”


It’s apparent that second hand shopping is a large contributor to the style of many students. But what other factors are there? Ryden Raleigh, freshman, said, “skating.”  Jonas Knight, freshman,  had the same response.


So the students like to thrift shop and skate, and that skating look has become its own style. For future fashion trends, “I want to wear more baggy clothes,” said Alex Mecham. Contrary to this, Bryce Young said,  “I don’t know, I don’t really want to change much about my style.”


Fall fashion is a popular topic among the students and for good reason. One of the best things about fashion is it’s forever changing and not bound by anything except creativity. I am excited to see how things might change in the future.