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Isaac Sturzenegger

Isaac Sturzenegger, Sports Editor

“I want to be a yo yo man!” He cried, “make me a yo yo man!” But the Yo-Yo Master did not answer, he just kept on yo-ing. 

Isaac Sturzenegger, the Yo-Yo Master, is a 17-year-old junior in Grantsville high school.  His birthday is September 1st. He was born in Utah and has lived in Utah his entire life. His favorite color is red or purple, and he has a cat named Sargent Pepper.

Besides his epic yo-yo skills, Isaac loves to go to the gym, play the guitar, and likes to hang out with his friends. He said he “basically does everything bro” in his words. He works at home depot, but is hoping to quit and find a better job.

Isaac has a cumulative gpa of about 3.8, and got the academic achievement last year. He knows how to play bar chords on the guitar. He is actually really good at yo yos, hence the name “the Yo-Yo Master”.  He can also solve a rubix cube.

Isaac said he hopes to take photos for journalism  and do a little bit of everything. He wants to maintain a 3.8 GPA so he can keep getting his academic letter. He wants to get better at taking pictures and is excited for this class.

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