Meet Matilde Mallette: Foreign Exchange Student


Visiting another country, learning another language, and studying abroad are very exciting concepts, concepts that foreign exchange students are quite familiar with.

Meet Matilde Melette from Italy. Many students from Italy leave for two semesters to study abroad, learning about new languages and cultures, with Melette selecting to study in the states.

“I decided to leave for the United States because it has always been my dream since I was a child,” Melette said.

School is very different in Italy, they don’t get to choose their classes but they do choose the school they get to attend. The students don’t change classes every hour but instead switch teachers. Italian schools don’t host any clubs or sports and even have school on Saturdays, which is quite different from the schools in America.

Traveling to other countries is an opportunity to learn about other people and cultures. One of the best ways to experience other cultures is through food.

“Pizza; I have eaten American pizza several times even though it is completely different from Italian pizza but it is still good,” Mellette said.

Melette loves to travel, watch TV and go to the beach. Her favorite treat is Reeses, she tried her first peanut butter cup when she was with her friends and has loved them ever since.

If you plan on going to Italy, Melette recommends going to Rome or Florence. Italy even has a holiday in February, a carnival where everyone dresses in costumes, throws confetti, and plays games.

Foreign exchange programs are an opportunity for not only the foreign exchange student, but the students around them as well as they get to share their cultures and form memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.