ACT Advice From the Juniors


Do you need advice for the ACT? The American College Testing otherwise known as the ACT has 4 separate tests English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. The Juniors took this test and they have advice for you underclassmen.

Avery Lee’s advice was “Your body has the same reaction to nerves and excitement… so i just tricked my brain into thinking i was excited for it and it wasn’t so bad. Don’t study the night before you’re just gonna get in your head, just watch a movie or do something to relax.” After the test Lee took a 3 hour nap.

Justin mower suggested “Take as much time for a question that you need, but not a second more. Also take a bunch of practice tests so you get used to hustling during a test.”

Blake Maiava commented “I’d say just stay calm and don’t stress. You can retake them, but still try your best.” Maiava hung out with friends, and cleared his mind after the ACT.

Bailee Landon shared “Try your best when you are studying and listen to the tips that your teachers give you because they do help in the end. Especially picking C. When you eventually take the test just do the best you can because once you take it, it is what it is.” Landon also said “After the ACT I went to lunch with my friends and hung out for the rest of the day. After the ACT, do what you can to just relax because it is stressful.”