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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom: Tale of Brotherhood

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom: Tale of Brotherhood

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom was one of the best action movies that DC has released into theaters and has made about 334.82 million dollars worldwide versus the 129.3 million dollars that Blue Beetle made worldwide.


Aquaman 2 has surpassed the majority of DC fans’ expectations and more as DC brought the underwater world of Atlantis back onto the big screens.


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The entire movie was about the relationship between Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and his half-brother, Orm Marius aka Ocean Master, and how the brothers start as unlikely allies to form a special bond that brothers share. If you remember from Aquaman 1, the brothers despise each other and fight each other for the throne of Atlantis; Arthur only wanting the throne because he wanted to prevent a war between the land and the sea.


During Aquaman 2, Arthur comes to realize the responsibilities that he has as the King of Atlantis by attending political meetings and maintaining peace between the known six kingdoms of Atlantis, since no one knows what happened to the seventh kingdom of Atlantis; Arthur also has to juggle the responsibilities of being a father to his son, Arthur Junior.


In the end credit scene in Aquaman 1, Dr. Stephen Shin finds Black Manta and discovers that Black Manta has Atltantian technology, while Black Manta still wants his revenge against Aquaman, will see that Black Manta is still carrying out his plan to kill Aquaman with the help of the doctor. During one of Black Manta’s searches for more Atltantian technology, he comes across the trident of the ancient king of the mysterious seventh kingdom. After gaining the strength of an Altantian, he goes after Aquaman. Due to the great danger that Black Manta now presents, Aquaman has no choice but to form an unlikely alliance with his brother and free him from his prison cell in the Deseret Kingdom.


As the brothers travel across the world to find Black Manta, they learn how to work together and Arthur shows Orm the wonders that the surface world has to offer. Arthur shows Orm how to run properly and what things Orm should eat when he gets the chance. The two brothers eventually learn how to act like brothers and when Orm gets put under a spell that revives the anger that he has towards Arthur, Arthur tells Orm what he first said to Orm when they were just about to fight in the Ring of Fire, that he was telling the truth and he will always want to be there for Orm. The spell on Orm was broken and the two fight side by side to defeat the evil spirit of the cursed trident.


This movie has lots of plot twists and unexpected events. This movie shows how brotherly bonds can be the greatest strength that any pair of brothers can have and how important family is. Even though no one died or anyone’s death was confirmed during the movie, this movie is an amazing action film for those who love action movies and has good aspects of family and brotherhood. This movie was quite humorous and had a good balance of humor and seriousness. Hopefully, we can see Jason Maoma continue his role of Aquaman in James Gunn’s vision of the new DCEU or see Jason Maoma potentially being Lobo in the new DCEU.

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