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Jenifer Wilkinson

Jenifer Wilkinson

She grew up around her dad always cracking jokes and doing impressions to cheer her up when she was upset; he does Scooby Doo. Her dad is her inspiration, she looks up to him.


She takes after him, doing impressions of Mario and Luigi to cheer them up just like her dad did for her. She makes people laugh and smile in any way she can, in any situation. That's something she takes pride in.


Now Jenifer Wilkison is a senior and she still makes jokes, still takes after her father. She still looks up to her dad like she did when she was younger. 


She says,“I honestly think he’s the coolest person, despite all the trauma he’s been through. He’s still a really funny person.”


She describes her dad as someone who looks tough but isn’t, someone who can make light in hard situations. Her dad calls her his first treasure.


Her family is important to her, she says that they will be there for her until the end. She wants to get a good education and a good job for them.


When her parents split when she was younger it wasn’t easy on her, she looked to her dad in those tough times. He was always there for her and her brother. 


“Comedy has always been an escape from my experiences from my biological mom,” She says.


Comedy is her passion and she’s good at it too. Her friends would describe her as a comedian. She cracks jokes whenever she can. She lights up every room she walks into. 


She hopes one day she can grow into a strong person just like her dad.

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