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Home Dub for The Boys Volleyball Team

Gen Moore
4/4/24 Ethan Powell and Corbin Hislop blocking against Salt Lake Academy

As a new sport in the Utah school system, volleyball has already gained much popularity and success thanks to the competitive nature of the high schools.

The Cowboys, lead by Kelli Rexford, have been playing a very good first-ever season, with a record of 7 games won out of 12 played so far.

This Thursday the Grantsville players had to face the Griffins from Salt Lake Academy, in a very intense game played on the Cowboy’s court.

The record of 9 games won out of 15 played this season of the Salt Lake Academy scared the Cowboys at first, since they had to redeem themself after the lost game of the 22nd of March against North Sanpete.

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The Grantsville players approached the court with a very strong and confident attitude, winning the first set of the game with a partial score of 25-22.

The Griffins didn’t throw in the towel, and came back stronger for the second set; unfortunately for them there was nothing they could do against Ethan Powell’s spikes and the precise blocks of Corbin Hislop and Decker Dzierzon.

The Cowboys won the second set with a score of 25-20, taking the team closer to the long-awaited home win.

When the third set began Granstville was  in complete control of the situation, and along with the strong understanding between all the players the Cowboys managed to win the last set 25-20, winning the game.

A lot of excitement goes around the team, closing the pre-season with a great record that will forever be remembered as an amazing first step for a team sport that will leave a mark in the history of high school sports.

Hunter Powell, sophomore in the volleyball team, said, “It was really fun and we had a great game against the Griffins. The preseason was awesome, but now it’s time for region.”

The team is already concentrating on the future games, with the region tournament starting on Tuesday, 9th of April against the Scots of Ben Lomond.

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Massimo Ciaschetti
A new school year has came, either you are brand new to a high school or you might be returning for another year, or if your this specific student then you might have traveled the world to be able to come to America to try high school in the American view.  Massimo Ciashetti is a foreign exchange student that is from Italy. He has come to Grantsville High School all the way to Utah to try highschool in the American way and see how things are different here than it is in Italy.  He decided that he wanted to try something new and come to school here in America. When he and his family went on a family vacation to America they went to Los Angeles and visited the Grand Canyon.  After they got back Massimo was interested in coming to school here in America to try something different and he thought that it would be an amazing experience.  Him and his family found an agency that is for foreign exchange students and they got all of his information and put him on the website for any family in America to choose him to come live with them and go to school in America.  A Family in Grantsville Utah chose him to come live with them and go to school in Grantsville. I asked him, “Why did you choose to come here? There is seriously nothing here. He said, “ I was put on a website for foreign exchange students and a family here picked me and that's why I came here” He can’t choose where he gets to go. He got picked by a family and then he traveled all the way from Rome, Italy to New York to Chicago then to Salt Lake to meet his new family in America. He still has been trying to get used to everything.
Gen Moore
Travel Junkie By Sarah Olney   Venice Is the beautiful city, the culture is lush and yes, tourism may be a criticism for some, but for Gen getting to see the world and its diversity is part of the charm.    It’s because of this, and of course the beach, that she can easily say Italy is her favorite place out of all her travels.    Gen has been traveling as long as she can remember.   As asked about her firsts, she can vaguely remember a trip to  Mississippi she went on at 2 years old.    More clearly she can remember her first time out of the states in 3rd grade. A trip to Canada, full of hiking, horseback riding, kayaking and swimming.    Gen is always living life to the fullest and experiencing all the new things she can find.    A perfect example of this, and another core memory Gen has, is the surf camp she attended this summer.    Spending full days on the beaches of California is definitely not something to forget.    Gen being an avid traveler and adventure enthusiast is no doubt, and it's safe to say she won’t be stopping this lifestyle anytime soon.    For the time being as a dual sport athlete and high school student, fitting in time for other travels and adventures may prove to be tough.    Some goals and dreams Gen has for her future would be going to Bora Bora, swimming with sharks and ideally moving to Hawaii after graduating.    Whatever she ends up doing next will be a mystery, but with her track record there is no doubt it will be something new for her to remember forever. 
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