Under the helmet


Promiscuous girl is blasting, but who’s playing it, Tyler Raleigh. Our football players are more interesting than you might think. Many of us know and love these players under the lights on a Friday night, but who are they off the field?


The returning state champs are having a dominant season beating out every team they’ve played so far. We all know and love seeing the players run around on the field, but they are just as entertaining away from it.


It’s a no-brainer that our players are talented at football, but what other talents do they have? “I play the guitar,” said Easton Johnson when asked about his hidden talents. Along with that, Tyler Raleigh also shared a hidden talent, “I can do the wave with my eyebrows.”


Some answers are what you’d probably expect, “I go to the gym and hangout with my friends,” said Conner Horrocks when asked about hobbies he had besides football. Some other answers were curveballs, such as Matthew Harris saying, “I’m a minecraft veteran and I like to make mac n cheese,” when asked the same question.


Watching the game it seems like the football players are fearless, but we all have our fair share of fears. “Growing up,” replied Matthew Harris when asked about his fears. When asked the same thing, Easton Johnson responded with, “Spiders scare me, dude.”


Growing up is inevitable. When asked about his plans after high school Conner Horrocks stated “I wanna buy some real estate after college.” Nevertheless the future is bright for these young players. So next time you see these players on the field hopefully you know them a little bit better.