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Rhylee Clark

Rhylee Clark

A young child runs screaming around the house as she is chased by a dinosaur the size of her. Her family laughs as they play with the remote control. 


The young child is shy and introverted, but very kind. Scared of the world around her. Growing up in Magna, she had many friends, despite her quiet nature. That changed when she came to Grantsville. “Grantsville got me out of my comfort zone. I originally joined the wrestling team and it changed me drastically” 


She moved in the fourth grade, and her personality changed and grew into who she is today. 


The shy introverted girl became loud and boisterous. She did not gain as many friends but the ones she did have drew out her sunshine nature. Though her personality changed for the better, she was forced to grow up sooner than a child should.


Her loud personality carried through the rest of elementary school into her teenage years. Through middle school she made new friends and lost old ones. It was there she met a boy named Gabe. She met him in gym class and describes her thoughts as, “He was just the cutest boy I had ever seen.”


High school began and she made a few questionable choices. She became rather flirtatious and got into a very toxic relationship. Despite the many boys she pursued, there was only one she really wanted. 


The boy she loved was the one whose heart she broke. When she realized her mistake, he broke her heart. Despite all of this, they found their way back to each other. They began a relationship that has yet to break, and probably never will. 


Her outgoing personality and extroverted nature has become such a stark contrast to her child self, near unrecognizable. 


The shy young girl afraid of the world has become a fearless leader capable of things many never believed she could do. She became a wrestler, getting offers from eight different colleges. She joined soccer and grows in skill each day. 


Her life and personality has changed throughout the years, but she will always be that kind young girl at her core. 

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