When should Christmas happen?


Sydney Smurthwaite:

Ho, Ho, Ho! Oh, the sounds of Christmas! The Christmas season is one of the greatest seasons in the year! Christmas is the source of such joy and happiness. It makes sense for the Christmas season to start as soon as possible, so we can enjoy it for as long as possible! Common sense right? Well according to some people, Christmas should be delayed until after Thanksgiving!


When is the appropriate time to celebrate Christmas? After Halloween?


“November 1st,” said Kenna Agard, principal.


After Thanksgiving?


“The day after Thanksgiving,” said Meikka Scott, sophomore.


Everyone who thinks Christmas should only be celebrated after Thanksgiving feels very strongly about it. Accusing people of having too much joy in their life.


“In December, because that’s when Christmas is! Anyone who says differently has too much joy in their life!” said Shelby Peterson.


Christmas day is on December 25th, 85% of Americans celebrate Christmas with the holiday being the most popular in the U.S.


“Anyone who celebrates Christmas before Thanksgiving is a little childish,” said Courtney Chambers, senior.


These negative opinions force people to hide their excitement for Christmas, scared of how judged they will be if they express their joy because of the Christmas season.


“Christmas should start whenever your heart desires,” said Jakob Bowman, junior.


Christmas is a time of giving. A time to spend with your family. A time to have fun. Listen to seasonal songs, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. A time for fun parties. It makes sense that people would be excited to celebrate it.


“Christmas can start whenever you want it to start,” said Jayee Stoddard.


And yet, these people are mocked and made fun of for celebrating it.


While some people will say that we should celebrate Christmas after Thanksgiving, because if not, Thanksgiving will be overlooked. But Christmas isn’t just about getting presents. It’s about family. Spending time with the people you love.


“Thanksgiving is part of the holiday season. It’s part of Christmas!” said Leah Walters, freshman.


Truly, Christmas should be celebrated whenever it feels best for you. Even if it’s before Thanksgiving. Christmas can be celebrated in July if you would like! “Christmas all year baby,” said Coulter Thompson, junior.


So this holiday season, let’s hold back the judgment and comments of when we celebrate Christmas and just enjoy each other’s company.


John Enslen:


Carols, hearing people sing, and the sharing of presents. You know what time it is! It is Christmas time… or is it? After all, it is only November. It isn’t even the same month as Christmas. For now, we should enjoy the good food of November.


Science states that the holiday season is, “The day after Thanksgiving, and ends after new year’s day.” This in all, states that Christmas has in fact, not started yet. November in itself has its own holiday for its month, Thanksgiving, we don’t need another holiday to go on with that.


The winter season doesn’t even start until December, and the winter season is Christmas, so November should stay in fall with Thanksgiving, and December should stay in winter with Christmas. That way we have it, where there is one holiday per season, not a single holiday spanning two or three months.


This is the reason why we don’t need Christmas in any other month except December, besides. There are lots of delicious foods that we can have in November, so get a turkey, and hope you get the bigger bit of the wishbone.