Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Game Tips


When you are choosing your first character it is helpful to know a little bit about the different category the character can be in.


Demon Hunter– Their primary attribute is Dexterity. They’re best with bows and crossbows. They are also a far attacker that has ranged weaponry, shadow manipulation, traps, and a variety of escape skills.


Barbarian– Their primary attribute is Strength. They can use almost any weapon besides bows, crossbows, flails, wands, and staff. They are close-range fighters.


Necromancer– Their primary attribute is Intelligence. They can use one-handed and two-handed Scythes. They are both close and far fighters. They are also a commander of the dead, they can summon a fearsome army or call upon the powers of blood and bone to achieve victory. They can also manipulate corpses, summon the dead, or curse their enemies to drain the life from them.


Crusader– The crusader’s primary attribute is also Strength. They can use flails, swords, and shields. They are both close and far attackers. The Crusader is imbued with the righteous power of wrath. Every other attack generates more, which allows them to unleash more devastating powers. They can use two-handed weapons as one-handed weapons.


Witch Doctor– The Witch Doctor’s primary attribute is Intelligence. They are best with daggers, magical things, and natural elements. They are manipulators of life and death along with spirits and spells. They are also a far attacker.


Monk– The Monk’s primary attribute is Dexterity. They are best with fist weapons. Holy and elemental magic infuses the Monk with the ability to heal and deliver crippling damage to their adversaries. They are close-up fighters.


Wizard- The Wizard’s primary attribute is also Intelligence. They can use bows, crossbows, hand crossbows, wands, staffs, and swords. They are a master of the temporal and elemental energies powering creation itself. They can withstand and avoid damage with a vast and formidable array of directed and area spells.


It doesn’t matter if you choose a girl or a boy. When you’re first starting it’s best to choose a normal hero.


When you have picked your character you next have to choose a difficulty. The higher the difficulty you go the quicker you will level up and gain more experience. If you do hard then that’s better than easy because 1. It’s not that much more difficult and 2. You will level up quicker.


When you’re going on your quests you should explore everywhere. It will make it longer but you have a chance to find a hidden legendary item.