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Student or athlete?

Balancing life as a student and playing sports

The bell rings, school is done, after 7 hours of using your mind you’re burned out and done with the day but you got 20 minutes till practice starts and you can’t be late. After 2 hours of hard work you go home but you cant get ready for bed. The homework from today isn’t finished yet. Thats the normal life of an highschool student-athlete.

“Being a student athlete for me really means that grades come first before anything. I’m a student before and athlete always. Grades come first no matter what. Even tho I am super busy with sports all the time I always make sure that I have a designated time for school work in my busy day. I feel as though it has helped me to get better grades because I really have to focus about managing my time so I’m able to get everything done,” said Deagan Herren, senior football player and wrestler.

It’s very difficult especially now that there is a ton of distractions on top of being in sports that can really affect a student-athletes grades very negatively. But finding a schedule that works for you will help a lot.

“I would say to definitely schedule your day out and make time for certain things. If you need to get school work done and you have practice at 5:30, come home after school and do school work till 5. Making time for school is most important,” said senior football and basketball player Jack Hendrix.

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Having enough energy to do homework after school then practice is very tough to do. “One thing I do is to have a set time for my homework after practice, usually after I eat dinner, so that I can have energy to do the work and so that way I don’t have to worry about not having anytime to do homework and also I’m staying on top of my grades,” said senior football player and track and field thrower Max Crithlow.

That’s the everyday life of a student-athlete in high school, that knows how to manage his time and prioritize the most important things over distractions.


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