My singing monsters tips

 To start with MSM (My singing Monsters) I have 3 tips that will boost you to where you want to get. All of these tips are things that I have learned after playing. From beginner to advance here they are. 

      The first one Is how you want to start. Saving coins is one of the most important things to start with as saving diamonds. When you begin to save these up the first thing I suggest you buy is the diamond mine which is 500k coins. With that, you’ll have a steady diamond income which can speed up breeding time.

       The second tip would be, to make sure you know what monsters are essential for breeding. When you don’t know, it makes the process of getting new monsters extremely hard. When you are aware of what monsters to breed; the process becomes way simpler. 

       The third tip would be, to be patient and consistent. The more entertaining the game is when you are patient with the time it takes to grow and develop new monsters. However, with consistency, if you don’t keep up with your growing of monsters routine, it’ll take more time for them to develop. 

       With those tips, you can take your islands to the next level and begin to succeed in your games.