Student shoots himself in the foot – literally.


You shot your own foot? Meet senior Devon Hurst, who made local and state headlines when he accidentally shot himself in the foot.


On the day of the accident, Hurst went to his friend’s house to retrieve his jacket. His friend wanted to show him a gun. When Hurst’s friend handed him the gun, he handed it to him in an odd position where he could not grip the gun correctly. That’s when the gun went off and shot his foot. He still has the bullet in his foot and had to get a bone graft. He is going to school now, using a scooter to take the pressure off of his foot, and just got all of his stitches out.


“Honestly feel like the first two minutes I didn’t even realize I hit my foot until I saw the blood and I was like; oh my gosh I shot myself,” said Hurst.


In 2015, the National Firearm Survey revealed that 30% of American gun owners store at least one gun loaded and unlocked.


“A gun is always loaded even when it’s not,” said Hurst.


Besides shooting guns, Hurst likes to write music. He has written over 30 songs and is working on one right now. Hurst also plays guitar and has been playing since 7th grade. His dad was in a band called “Kindle Creek.” Hurst looks up to his dad because he is:


“Devoted, hard-working, mentally and physically strong and has achieved all his goals in life,” said Hurst.


Hurst also wrestled, did track, and is part of the seminary council. He hopes to be back to running towards the end of the track season.