HOSA Leadership Conference


 A pig heart dissection, learning how to sew stitches, performing emergency simulations in front of judges, a touch screen table displaying the human body, and a comedian keynote speaker. The HOSA leadership conference was a two-day experience of competitive events for different healthcare careers held at the Davis Conference Center. 


Students on the first day took a Scantron test of their specialty medical fields and if they passed, they were able to move on to Round 2 the next day. The Anatomage was a competitive event where students didn’t have to fill out a Scantron test. 


“The Anatomage was a virtual table that showed all of the different parts of the body and all of the different systems,” said Hailie Fraser, senior, who competed in Medical Terminology and Anatomage. “ You could move it and dissect the person which was cool, and see literally the inside.”  


While students waited for their events, there were tables from colleges and hospitals handing out swag and recruiting students for their organizations. There were also classes available for students to participate in. 


“My favorite part was the suturing class, as well as becoming closer to some great people.” said Brielle Fawson, senior, who competed in the Forensics, Pharmaceutical, and Anataomgae events, “I learned about new colleges and programs that could be beneficial for future medical fields,” 


“My favorite part of the HOSA conference was watching the pig heart dissection and then being able to hold it. Along with hanging out with some pretty fun people,” said Bailee Landon, junior. Landon competed in the Anatomage, Medical terminology, and CPR/First Aide and made it to Round 2 on the second day. For Round 2, Landon was given an emergency scenario to simulate how to help in front of two judges. 


After all of the judges graded the finalist, there was an award ceremony for the top 10 winners of not just high schoolers, but also middle schoolers, tech schools, and even colleges. Halfway through, HOSA had a Just Dance to wake everyone up with 1 Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”.