The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood!

Lights, camera, action! In the school’s fall play, the Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. This play is a comedy starring our dashing hero Robinhood, and will be performed in late October. The somewhat true tale of Robinhood is the first play that the new theater teacher, Mrs Hintz, will direct. Auditions were August 30th. Callbacks were the next day, then the casting list was put up on the theater board a few days later. “The casting was extremely difficult. I had so many actors that could play multiple parts.” Mrs. Hintz has said. “There are a lot of things that I take into consideration. Like looks and experience, and who was able to read the parts really well.”

The casting for the play ended up with Zach Peterson starring as the role of Robin hood. Zach is a senior this year, and when asked about auditions, Zach says he thinks he did “Pretty freaking great”, which is very much in character for the role that he got. Zack says that he thinks “That Robinhood and Prince John are two sides of the same coin.I think that if Robinhood was born rich, he would act exactly like Prince John does.”

The actor for Prince john, Coulter Thompson, says something similar. He says that he thinks “People usually play him as a spoiled brat, but i think he’s more entitled to himself. He’s still a goofball, but he is entitled” Coulter is a junior and this is “one of many lead roles so it’s kinda just old news.” Coulter is very excited to perform as a bad guy, as he has never been the main bad guy before”

The role of Maid Marion is being played by Courtney Chambers. During callbacks, she  says that she  “definitely did better than my auditions, and I honestly think that everyone did a great job, it was a really tight audition” Courtney says that this is one of her first main leads in an entire play. She had the part of Ellie in last year’s musical, Freaky Friday. In this year’s fall play, some of the roles have understudies. Courtney’s understudy is a freshman named Taylor Fawthe.

Taylor is the understudy for Maid Marion. She says that she “definitely did better than my auditions. I honestly think that everyone did a great job and it was a really tight audition” This is Taylor’s very first play at the school, but it is not her first play. She has acted in the community plays at the Old Grantsville Church. One of her latest roles was the part of Anna in the play Frozen Junior.

The schools fall play will be opening on October 21, and will have 3 more performances. One on the 22, and two on the 23. The play starts at seven for three of the performances, and for the matinee, the play starts at 2. The understudies will be performing on the matinee, while our main actors will be performing the other three shows. Tickets are available online and in person. Show up and support the theater department!