College Night


Around 70% of people are working while they are enrolled in college. Katy Dunn is going to be one of the many that will be doing that. She is working towards her bachelor’s degree for Geology, at Snow College. Snow College was founded in 1888. It got its name from Lorenzo Snow and, at his request, Erastus Snow.

“USU for phycology,” said, senior, Ruthann Westover

Utah State University is a huge, affordable, research-oriented school that offers over 200 majors. In-state tuition would cost around $8,912 (2019-2020).

“I’m going to Snow College for two years,” said, Senior, Daniel Weis “then transferring to USU for the other two to major in music education”

“Snow College has been known for its music programs and has been associated with Juilliard,” said Snow representative. In-state tuition would be about $3,912 (2019-2020).

Brecken Harrington, Senior, is hoping to go to BYU for college. She’s saving up money right now and is planning on working during college.

BYU is known for its quality in language programs, BYU regularly offers courses in 62 different languages and a little over half of the students speak a second language. They also have a campus in Hawaii and Idaho. In-state tuition costs around $5,970 (2019-2020).