Before You


Matthew Buchanan

Prom Royalty

Juniors in a dance circle at prom 2023 (Matthew Buchanan)
The crown presenters at prom 2023 (Matthew Buchanan)
Prom dance 2023 (Matthew Buchanan)
Hailey Broderick and Decker Dzierzon dance prom-anode (Matthew Buchanan)

The theme of this year’s prom was Before You. The Juniors started the prom with handshakes and their choreographed dance made by our dance teacher, Alexis Leonelli. There were many different handshakes this year. Hailey Broderick and Decker Dzierzon took a selfie before walking down the steps. Dalyn Lloyd swung and then dipped Nikki Dong. Blake Maiava gave a lei to Charlee Shafer. Josh Parks and Chelsea Bodell shocked everyone with a kiss. Rowan Nelson put sunglasses on Lexi Williams.

After the handshakes, the Juniors were lined up ready for their dance. A tradition for Grantsville’s prom is to promenade. Promenade is a choreographed dance for the Juniors. They danced to Before You by Benson Boone.

The class of 2024’s Prom royalty was Max Critchlow as Duke and Maddy Rainer as the Duchess. Broderick was the Princess and with her was her date, Dzierzon for Prince. Finally, the King was Gage Kimber and the Queen was Lexi Williams.

After the Promenade, everyone took pictures and started the party. The music was very loud and upbeat. There were mosh pits and circles for people to dance in the middle. The most fun thing at prom for Tyler Tuckett was “Probably dancing you know with the DJ” he said. Ava Kelley shared “I loved seeing everyone in their dresses before prom. I also loved the prom dance itself, it was unforgettable.”